Poster of Expert Guide to Effective and Engaging Digital Therapeutics Design
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Expert Guide to Effective & Engaging DTx Design

Poster of Expert Guide to Effective and Engaging Digital Therapeutics Design

The "Expert Guide to Effective & Engaging DTx Design" lays the foundation for any product team committed to improving patient health outcomes. This guide provides product managers, designers, and innovators insights from over 1,000 hours of patient and provider research, and a clear set of design principles for DTx. Learn from the experts who led the research and design for multiple FDA approved and insurance covered DTx products.

Learn about

  • Behavioral Archetypes: Explore the six behavioral archetypes for patients & consumers.
  • The Patient Journey: Uncover the archetypal journey for behavior change and the UX framework it provides for your DTx.
  • Design Principles: Preview the design principles gathered from research and validation with hundreds of patients, providers and caregivers.

About the Author

Picture of Theresa Neil, founder of Guidea and Top product designer for MedTech

Theresa Neil

Theresa Neil is an international design expert who is passionate about making products that look good and work well. Her top selling O’Reilly books, Designing Web Interfaces, co-authored with Bill Scott, and the Mobile Design Pattern Gallery have helped thousands of IT professionals advance their design skills and create better experiences.

Since founding Guidea in 2005, Theresa has led research and design for 20 of the Fortune 100 and dozens of other amazing companies. With deep domain expertise in Digital Health and cognitive sciences her UX solutions are consistently rated as Visionary and Innovative by industry publications and her product designs drive revenue growth for clients including: Humana, Cigna, Johnson & Johnson and top biopharma companies.

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