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EdTech teams turn to us time and again for our unique ability to navigate complex education ecosystems and unite diverse stakeholders behind a common vision.

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We are committed to designing a brighter educational future. More than just a design agency, we're your trusted partner in EdTech innovation. We understand your unique challenges, believe in your vision, and innovate solutions that drive measurable outcomes for students, educators, leaders and communities.

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Opportunities for EdTech Innovation

Revolutionary advances in education technology are radically transforming our approach to learning and teaching. We help EdTech teams meet today's challenges on multiple fronts—from the transformative power of adaptive learning and artificial intelligence, to escalating expectations of students and educators, to adapting to evolving educational policies and standards.

EdTech Expertise

Edthena chatboat training user interface

AI Education Coaching

Chatbot AI for Edthena

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AI Innovation

ResearchOps for ETS

Vera Rubin Observatory at sunset

Astronomy & Big Data

For Vera Rubin Observatory

Macmillan website on a laptop

Classroom Collaboration

UX Design for Macmillan

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Data Visualization

Ed. Assessment for Pearson

Global UX Training

Thought Leaders for O'Reilly

A young girl experimenting with electronics in a lab

K-12 Tools

For University of Colorado

Google Open source lab

Open Source Collaboration

Research for Google



User interface data visualization

Scientist Tools

UX Research & Design for NSF

teacher tools website

Teacher Tools

UX Design for PBS

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CODie Best Source for Reference for Education Resources - PBS

Award Winning Partnerships

Campus Technology Readers’ Choice Platinum Award winner
Campus Technology Readers’ Choice Platinum Award winner
Top EdTech Product of the Year
CODie Best Source for Reference for Education Resources
Campus Technology Readers’ Choice Platinum Award winner

What our EdTech Partners Think


"With Guidea, I always knew I was going to get high quality work, excellent communication - all on time and on budget. Their designers and researchers felt like natural extensions of the team and always impressed even the toughest stakeholders."

Alicia Nachman
Vice President of UX


"Good designs age well, and, six years later, we’re still using key ideas developed in our engagement. Their depth and breadth of experience stood out to us." 

Adam Geller


"When working with a design team, you want them to be conceptual thinkers and bring a new perspective with a north start on the user. Hidden value is when they also get the industry problems & context really quickly. This makes the conceptual ideas real & useful when implementing. The combination of these skills are rare & Guidea's teams have in my experience brought this to the table."

Product Manager

Strategic Product Design for Educational Solutions

Our proprietary design methodology, Strategic Product Design, has been developed over 18 years in partnership with every size of company, from seed-stage startups to Fortune 100 enterprise organizations. Strategic Product Design is the fastest, most effective way to create designs that deliver measurable results for FemTech product teams.

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