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Our proven methodology, Strategic Product Design, is the fastest, most effective way to create designs that deliver measurable results for product teams working in the most complex domains.

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Why You Need Strategic Product Design

Designing products that not only delight users but also drive business goals is uniquely difficult, especially in complex domains. We have honed our proprietary process over 18 years and 300+ product launches to predictably deliver innovative, high-performance products in the most challenging industries, time and again.

Our Unique Approach

Our approach is optimized to solve challenges faced by teams to consistently deliver results for products in the most complex domains. It combines methods, systems, and values found only at Guidea.

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Unique Methods

Our Strategic Product Design methodology comprises a profound body of work that has been 18 years in the making. Working with us means leveraging a gold mine of unique innovation, strategy, research, validation, design, prototyping, operations and training methods you will only find at Guidea.

Minimizes risk & time investment
Test and Validate Assumptions
Accelerate time to market

Unique Systems

Our unique systems enable us to move faster and with greater precision than anyone else. We jump start the design process with a treasure trove of synthesized research insights, user personas, models, customer and user journeys, design patterns, and UI components in your vertical.

Enterprise design systems
AI insights playbook
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UX designers writing with sticky notes on a whiteboard

Unique Values

Among design agencies, we are uniquely pragmatic. We are fully committed to not only designing a beautiful product customers love, but also making sure your team can actually build and ship it. We will never give you pie in the sky designs, or indulge in vision for vision’s sake. Every single thing we do is in service of supporting your team in shipping a compelling product that delivers results.

Evidence-driven design
Measurable business outcomes
300+ products launched and counting...

What our Clients Say

Photo of Lisa Deluca from IBM

“They are experts in design thinking and taking a step back to truly understand user needs to develop a solution that doesn't just become an artifact, but instead develop a plan of action to bring the idea to life...”

Lisa DeLuca
Dir. of Prod. Mgmt & Eng, Web3

“Guidea has provided a huge amount of work, which is super helpful for us as an early-stage tech group. They’ve certainly accelerated our scalability from a product perspective.”

Nicole Beck
Founder of 2ndNature

"Guidea has been instrumental in partnering with our design team. My experience with Guidea is that they bring only top-notch designers, researchers and strategists to our engagements and produce high quality results."

Joe Berti
VP of AI Applications

"Guidea was extremely knowledgeable on our target personas, Ph.D. Data Scientists. They’d already spoken to people in that niche area. The team was off-the-charts with how professional and organized they were in guiding us through the process."

Andrew Eye
Founder & CEO

Strategic Product Design Process

Our unique approach leads to innovative, high-performance products time and again. We meet each team where they are, and create a custom plan for every engagement across the four phases of our proprietary process.

“In a word, Guidea is indispensable to me and the success of our design transformation.”

Christina Vallery from Express Scripts


Develop a proven product hypothesis


Ship a validated Minimum Viable Product


Iteratively deliver high-impact product enhancements


Establish a robust platform and DesignOps framework

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