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We’re a women-owned, women-led UX consultancy with extensive research and design expertise in regulated medical devices, virtual clinics, SaMD, wearables, population health insights, health-related data, digital therapeutics, and healthcare software. Since 2005 we’ve led research and design for 100+ startups (including 8 unicorns) with a combined valuation of over $30 billion. Our team is passionate about FemTech health products and energized to help entrepreneurs further technology innovation that will improve and support women’s health.

Launched by Guidea in 2022, the Femovate program has invested more than $1 million in femtech innovation through its UX design sponsorship program, and elevates promising femtech startups by giving them the same kind of services that Guidea provides to the top Fortune 100 companies.

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Opportunities for FemTech Innovation

Women have unique health and wellness needs that are often overlooked or underserved by traditional solutions. As the world becomes ever more aware of the need to support women, FemTech teams have a great opportunity to create more effective solutions. Exceptional design is the key to innovative products and services that truly address women’s health and wellness.


Enhance access and affordability of women’s healthcare by using design to optimize digital platforms, telehealth, and digital therapeutics


Leverage the potential of personalized medicine and biotechnology with cutting-edge FemTech products, services, and design innovations


Address stigma and empower women with Guidea’s proven research methods and design principles


Facilitate user engagement with intuitive, attractive, and discreet designs for digital health devices and smart products

FemTech Expertise

Gynecological Platforms

Patient UX for Cosm

AI & ML for Population Health

MVP for ClosedLoop.ai

Clinical Decision Support

AR Interface, Under NDA

Digital Therapeutics

UX research & design

Global Maternal Health

UX Research for Oxford Medical

Healthcare Platform

3-in-1 System for HyIvy

Healthcare Software

Labor & Delivery App for Jhpiego

Hormone Monitoring

Regulated medical device for Eli

MedTech Wearables

Monitoring app for Armor Medical

Patient Onboarding

UX Research for Betty’s Co

Radiology & Imaging

Healthcare for DeepLook

Regulated Medical Device

Digital design for NuroKor

Screening & Diagnostics

Patient experience for AIMA

Software as a Medical Device

Human Factors Medical Device Testing

Vital Sign Monitoring

Prototyping and FDA testing for Neopenda

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Betty's Co wins TechFuel pitch competition

Award Winning Partnerships

Deep Dive Winner NIH RADx Tech Maternal Health Challenge
Armor Medical
Selected Google for Startups - Growth Academy
NIH Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics Technology Maternal Health challenge
Armor Medical
Woman's Way Award "Business to Watch"
BB Imaging
Silver Stevie Award Winner - American Business Awards
BB Imaging
Best Presenting Company at European Healthtech Investment Forum
Danish Tech Challenge Finalist
Uvisa Health
Top Women's Health Companies Driving Innovation
Breakthrough Alliance challenge - Honorable mention
DeepLook Medical
Recipient of McMaster Seed Fund
AIMA Laboratories
$100 M Momentum Award to Accelerate Health Care Solutions for Women
Product of the Year finalist

Trusted by top health companies

What our FemTech Partners Think


"Guidea did a wonderful job at really listening to what we were looking for. They made sure that whatever they designed was actually applicable and met our needs."

Sona Shah


"Theresa and her team have such vast knowledge and understanding for ux and design. They really cater to your needs, stage of growth and needs (which are ever changing as a startup). They've been a pleasure to work with."

Ravid Israel


"Our Guidea team led our new design team through a thoughtful and insightful process - grounded in user research, guided by their deep and relevant experience, and reflecting our vision for the app. Guidea really delivered above our expectations."

Susan Cotton
Co-Founder, Chair


"Eli has worked with Guidea now for several months on the user experience of our mobile app, which is one component of our hormone monitoring system. Beyond providing extensive knowledge on best practices for designing the UX medical devices with a paired mobile app, Guidea investigated what objectives we wanted our users to achieve and created lo-fi and hi-fi wireframes to test with users and guide the requirements for our software developers."

Sarah Moug
Product Manager
Eli Health


"From day one working with Theresa and her team it has been an immersive and enlightening experience. The team are highly experienced, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout, bringing new perspectives to the product strategy, ux research, and overall UI design."

Helen Grimshaw
Peli Health


"Working with Guidea has been so amazing. With their expertise, we feel we can create a product of high quality! Additionally, we feel supported and truly started to understand what UX design means, which will be of enormous help for future projects. Their experience has given us insights that we could not easily find elsewhere! The workshops are always productive and appreciated, with feelings of inspiration."

Margarita Koleva
Product Owner


"Guidea has a team of dedicated designers and researchers who have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of the MedTech industry. I was thoroughly impressed with the knowledge and experience they bring to the table. For a small startup like us, working with Guidea was a real eye opener! They took the time to understand our business and user needs and worked collaboratively with us to develop a customized solution that addressed our specific challenges. Thank you Guidea!"

Olga Golab
Product Owner


"Working with Guidea was amazing, from the first moment to the last they really got us. Their advice and knowledge is second to none. We will absolutely be using them in the future."

Gordon Mullins
Mindful IVF


"Guidea has been fantastic. They have gone above and beyond to help us build a phenomenal product that users love and their medtech expertise has been invaluable. As a femtech company dedicated to clinical robustness, Guidea has been equally committed to basing their UX designs off of patient research to help us build a product of efficacy. I absolutely recommend them to medtech and femtech companies."

Emily Maginn
Founder & CEO
Exo Technologies


"Working with Theresa and the team from Guidea was an amazing experience. They helped us with amazing updates to our UX and allow the true value of our assessment show through. They did an amazing job with the visual design as well for legibility as well! Thank you so much! We cannot wait to launch the new and improved app!"

Ashley Florestal


"I have had the pleasure of working with Guidea through some support we won that was provided by them - it's been a massive and hugely positive experience for us."

Nadine Pfeifer


Theresa Neil and her team at Guidea are outstanding partners. The Guidea team brought their considerable experience in FemTech and MedTech to help us design our patient monitor UI. Their approach to design is creative, strategic, and centered around our users. They also went out of their way to point us to additional opportunities in their network to help us grow our brand and business. I highly recommend partnering with Guidea for their exceptional service and UX design!

Kelsey Mayo
CoFounder & CEO
Armor Medical

Strategic Product Design for FemTech Solutions

Our proven design methodology, Strategic Product Design, has been developed over 18 years in partnership with every size of company, from seed-stage startups to Fortune 100 enterprise organizations. Strategic Product Design is the fastest, most effective way to create designs that deliver measurable results for FemTech product teams.

Eli product and app
Bettys patient rooms
Eli product and app

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