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Master the Essential Conversational AI Design Patterns for Patient Health

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"Designing Conversational AI for Patient Health" is an indispensable resource for any product team committed to creating exceptional AI-driven experiences for patients. This eBook empowers product managers, designers, and innovators to make informed, intelligent decisions that create highly engaging conversational AI patient experiences.

Learn about

  • Proven design patterns for conversational AI: Explore an expertly curated collection of the most effective design patterns, proven and refined across diverse healthcare projects.
  • Common anti-patterns to avoid: By recognizing common pitfalls, your team can steer clear of novice mistakes that can hinder the effectiveness of designs.
  • Specific guidance for healthcare: Learn how to apply design patterns and avoid anti-patterns through illustrative examples from patient health experiences.

About the Authors

Jeanine Harriman

Jeanine Harriman is Director of Product Strategy and Innovation at Guidea, where she leads engagements for a broad range of healthcare clients, from pre-seed startups to Fortune 500 companies. Jeanine is passionate about creating effective and empathetic experiences for users throughout the healthcare ecosystem, and has led projects for endometriosis patients, Alzheimer's caregivers, cardiothoracic surgery teams, and many more. Jeanine specializes in product strategy and patterns, frameworks and courses to design generative AI products and services that are both highly engaging and positioned for market success.

Headshot of Jeanine Harriman Director of Product Strategy and expert in generative AI product design
Picture of Theresa Neil, founder of Guidea and Top product designer for MedTech

Theresa Neil

Theresa Neil is an international design expert who is passionate about making products that look good and work well. Her top selling O’Reilly books, Designing Web Interfaces, co-authored with Bill Scott, and the Mobile Design Pattern Gallery have helped thousands of IT professionals advance their design skills and create better experiences.

Since founding Guidea in 2005, Theresa has led research and design for 20 of the Fortune 100 and dozens of other amazing companies. With deep domain expertise in Digital Health and cognitive sciences her UX solutions are consistently rated as Visionary and Innovative by industry publications and her product designs drive revenue growth for clients including: Humana, Cigna, Johnson & Johnson and top biopharma companies.

Top Selling O'Reilly Author
Top Designer in Tech
MedTech Innovation Award