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Exceptional design can make a good idea great
And with a history of success, Guidea is the perfect partner for ambitious entrepreneurs.

Sponsored Startup Program
Making our partners successful is our passion. We understand your journey from demo day debuts, to the first round of funding, through rising recognition and eventual acquisition or IPO. Our partnership means we’ve got skin in the game. Here are some of our proudest moments:

Since 2005, we’ve helped launch nearly 70 start-ups!

Win industry awards and recognition.
World Travel Awards
Best Car Rental
Tech Excellence
IoT Showcase

Drive acquisition and retention and grow to reach millions of users.
Bump in Acquisitions
Retention Rate
100M+ Reached
With Samsung Health

Blaze the trail with new technologies.
New Technology
Digital Theraputics
New Technology
AI for Retailers
New Technology
AI for IT

Achieve your exit strategy.
Achieve your exit strategy.
Acquired by
Acquired by
Acquired by
Acquired by
CPA Global
Acquired by
Acquired by

Go Big.
$630 Million
IPO Valuation
$2.3 Billion
$161 Million

Be our next Sponsored Startup
You have all the right pieces: brilliant business plan, top notch technical team, dazzling demo deck, ready and willing investors. All you’re missing is some UX magic to catapult you to the next stage.

Each year we accept submissions for our Sponsored Startup Program. We partner with one amazing company for 3-6 months to launch a truly remarkable experience.

We love new business with startups. Contact us about partnering with your company or share this with your favorite startup who needs a better user experience.

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